YiCompete was started in the South and launched in 2013 by, Scott Reid, a Department of Defense firefighter. The daily operations of YiC are run by fellow firefighters, first responders and blue collar workers! As firefighters and first responders we REALLY know the meaning of having dependable gear. This is the mentality that was carried over to the YiCompete Lifting Gear! We live, know and understand about passion. In order for you to achieve your goals and pursue your passion, in the lifting or athletic world, the gear has to be top notch. The best is the best, doesn’t matter what experience level you are. You want the BEST and that is exactly what YiCompete provides! Which is why we have put in countless hours of hard work for you! YiC has performed the rigorous testing in every aspect of all of our gear to bring you, not some of the best products on the market, but THE BEST PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET!


After countless years of Public Service all we are doing is changing the name to Customer Service! You the customer are what makes YiCompete and we will not forget that! We appreciate each and every person that YiCompete comes in contact with, face to face, through email or social media. We will strive every day to provide you with the first rate service you deserve. Whether it is answering a question, processing an order, or any other need that you have. Years in the public service has taught us how to handle anything you need quickly and with the most pleasant service possible.


YiCompete will continue to strive to keep improving on the best! We will continue to do this because that is who we are and that is what you deserve. We said it before, but we will say it again, YiCompete is nothing without the loyalty of its customers. We are truly honored and thankful to each and every one of you. You just keep making that GRIND and keep pursuing your dreams and we will do the same.

Every day you will ADAPT / OVERCOME / ACHIEVE!


Scott Reid

Quality first

We started making the products we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to quality and sustainability. Making 95% of our products on demand drastically reduces textile waste.

Humble beginnings

Our story begins in a small town with a small team. With nothing but passion and a dream, our brand was born.

Our Pledge